Established in 1956 Bluff Engineering and Welding have a long-standing reputation as first class marine engineers, welding specialists, and suppliers of maritime services.



Bluff Engineering and Welding's (BEW) diverse workload ranges from international shipping and related services to the demands of local industry.

BEW are well versed in catering to the workload, time lines and targets of industrial multi-national companies.

BEW's skill sets have been developed through working on many joint ventures, and they understand the importance of coalescing into the working culture of various companies.

What BEW brings to the table are skilled Engineers and Technicians who have the training, experience and tools to meet customer demands.

Our long-standing relationship with draftsmen, architects, civil engineers and industry suppliers of parts and raw materials allow us to facilitate a wide range of dynamic services to the needs of both local and international customers.


BEW project management of the  Mobil Fuel Tank Farm in Southland demands their team are reliable, have thorough work practices and meet the relevant internationally security standards. Services carried out for Mobil are operations, maintenance, modifications, installations, project development and other skill based services.



BEW have the facilities and skill base to repair ships, build fishing boats and construct heavy machinery for a wide range of industries.


BEW are specialist welders fabricating equipment and machinery for maritime and prime industry. Building pressure vessels, heat exchanges, pipe spooling, design to fabrication and general engineering are well within our portfolio of skills.

Fuel Management

BEW are experts in the field of fuel bunking ships, fishing vessels and pleasure craft. BEW can operate around the clock to meet demands with as little as 24 hours notice.

BEW project manage the needs of the Mobil Fuel Tank Farm in Southland.

Maintenance Repairs

BEW has earned us a solid reputation in the market for meeting the demands of a variety of industries, and for servicing long and short-term contracts.




55 Apprenticeships


BEW have the facilities and skill base to repair ships, build fishing boats and construct heavy machinery for a wide range of industries.

BEW have substantial workshops on the Bluff waterfront opposite the Island Harbour.

Equipment includes:

  • 3.5t Fork
  • 1 x Hull wheeling roller
  • lift
  • Standard range of sheetmetal equipment

Contact: Andrew

P: +64 3 212 8663

F: 64 3 212 8662

195 Foreshore Road, PO Box 47 Bluff, Southland NZ 9814.




BEW has a large completed portfolio of work which includes : Pipe Work, Renewal, Modifications, Design to Fabrication, Jigs and preparation of materials, Mild Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Galvanized and Copper. Engines, Pumps, maintenance and compliancy work.

Many contracts require BEW to work in collaboration with national and international companies such as Mobil, Gearbulk Shipping, Balance and the local port authority plus a host of other industry leaders.

Industry Memberships